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Dancing Sea Waves (2021)

Work recorded in PKO. COMING SOON.

Al-Masriq (2019)

Al-Mašriq means "place of dawn". This name refers to the countries of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, in addition to those of the Arabian peninsula. The work is based on the melodies sung by the fishermen during the fishing season of Ibrahîm Aryân, from the beginning of the navigation till the returning home. The composition explores the fisherman's relationship with the sea: the clarinet evokes the fishing melodies but these are cut abruptly at the end, seeking to reflect the current situation and the unlikely resolution of the conflicts in these countries.

Premiered by the Ensemble Xare Laborategia in the Musikagileak Cycle. I really want to take a moment to thank Musikene for this huge opportunity and the great education provided for me during the past years, Musikagileak for showing a part of my work and Xare Laborategia for playing and giving a great musical interpretation of my work.

Steady and Crumbly (2019)

Orchestral piece, final degree project. Recording by the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS)

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