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Fight (2019)

One year ago, I decided to start an audiovisual project about feminism, taking as the source of inspiration the present fight. Inspired by my own experiences and of my environment, I wanted to express the current situations that a woman has to face day to day, the abuse to her lifestyle, body and freedom. I proposed to my friends and colleagues if they wanted to take part in this project. For this reason, I am grateful for their patience during all the process. Then, I picked up daily machismo scenes on the media, urban stories and testimonies, creating a visual and sound base with disrespectful content for women. Every sound creates noise, and the noise can be silenced if a louder voice comes up, the voice of the present fight, the voice of friends and colleagues that day to day fights back to keep this noise quiet. I thought the best way to finish the piece would be opening the way to the next generations but not losing sight of the past’s references. Thanks to every woman that has raised her voice to shut up the noise. I hope my project won’t be a mere anecdote, but an artistical complaint, as mine as of every woman, against machismo, giving strength to this day’s value.

Premiered at the Kuraia Festival 2019, organized by Synchresis in its special edition for Musikene. Chosen for the XXVI International Festival of Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music "Meeting Point" - Granada organized by Synchresis in December 2019.

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