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I'm Paloma, I'm a film and video game music composer, pianist and violist. I give classes for Music Language, Music theory, Harmony, and Composition from Classical to Film, piano and viola. My students are any age, any level from beginner to advanced. I will help with exams, GCSE and A-Levels, as well as helping students obtain their grade 5 theory to be able to advance to take higher grades in composition or viola.


I started teaching when I was 17 years old. While I was studying viola and composition I would help colleagues learn Harmonic Theory for University exams or just for fun. While studying, in order to support my learning abroad, I started teaching children and teenagers. The classes included a wide variety, from; supporting their studies during the school year, to their first approaches to music as well as nurturing love and excitement for playing and making music. After University I continued giving classes during the last few years.


The compositional strand of training if a student wishes to undertake it has many elements we will learn the theory needed to competently make music learn systems that allow us to break down composition as well as multiple genres. work they can do by themselves at their own pace, allowing each student to work and grow at a rate suited to their ability. 

-building a strong understanding of Melody, Chords and how different instruments work and support each other.

-If they are studying in a formal educational establishment, they will receive support and guidance in regard to their work and exams.


When I am giving classes in music language, viola, piano… to children, I always try that the classes will be dynamic but at the same time incorporate a little bit of Theory. I used exercises that are designed to engage young developmental minds, like those you'd find on a children's show. For example, singing, playing… songs allows us to train the ears and help them to begin to recognize the different registers,  notes, rhythms and tempo. This was done alongside training on their chosen instruments, my aim was and is to nurture a language of music as well as give them practical skills and exercises they can do on their own. I play the piano and viola, so I always try to support them.


When it comes to classes for teenagers I teach them theory and practice as well as strong fundamentals but I also allow time to let them lead their learning to give them more agency, allow them to learn their favorite / contemporary songs. This keeps the passion for music alive. With teenagers, my approach centers on elevating and reinforcing what they learn from school using exercises and providing tools to break down ideas musically. In addition, I also prepare for GCSE and A-levels.

Lessons will follow a path of progression, teaching them how to approach the next levels of theoretical and practical competence. Allowing the students to understand their Progression and their path forward increases the likelihood they will continue studying. 

Lessons are flexible, and curated on a student-to-student basis as well as making sure to incorporate what I believe they need to achieve the next level. This involves; practical music training, ear training, building on theoretical knowledge, as well as learning songs they love to ensure they feel fulfilled and have fun with music.








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