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I am originally from Spain, although I am living between London and Madrid currently. My music path started when I was 8 years old when I decided to start playing the viola. My father had a music radio programme in my city when he was young, and so after seeing my affinity for music they decided to send me to a conservatory to study. At that time my love for films also started to grow.  In my country, we focused primarily on the classical schools of music. I was amazed at the freedom and diversity music offered, and with the resources provided by the academy, I could explore different instruments and music paths. The love from my parents for audiovisuals opened my mind to so many different styles of music which were adjusted to the image. I remember watching "Gone with the wind", "Indiana Jones" or "Arsenic and Old lace" and singing the music in my head without understanding the connection between what I was singing with the image and the characters. At school, I started composing different styles. It was so much fun that I thought I really wanted to continue learning so I decided to study a BA in Contemporary Music. My career was tough, contemporary music is so open, and you can explore its composition in many different ways but I felt like something was missing. My passion for rock, metal, pop, film music…I wasn’t nurturing it until I had the opportunity to compose some short films in my last years of the BA. I loved it, I had the opportunity to grow my knowledge in different genres as well as different compositional styles. I finished my BA and got into LCCM in London in a Development Programme where I had the opportunity of studying Music for Films from Chris Barnett. I started working in a cinema, I got into projects, established social networks and I fell in love with the city. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Spain due to the pandemic so I decided to study a short MA in film Music. That’s when I really became serious about finding more projects. The last documentary I had the pleasure of working on received the Special Mention from the Jury in the selection for the Spanish National Awards. With all the hard work in this amazing project, I really want to continue discovering this professional world.

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